portfolio architects

How to Create a Good Portfolio as an Architect

How to compile and shape a portfolio? What is the ideal medium and format for an architecture portfolio? Exactly how extensive should your portfolio be? What is allowed and what isn’t in a portfolio? These are questions that every architect…

Growth business

Contractors: 8 Tips for Fast Growth and Better Management of Your Company

Running a construction company is always complicated, even when business goes very well. There are so many things you have to remember and so many problems you can run into: problems with employees, a disastrous customer service, defective products, problems…

residential projects

5 Steps to Improve Sales of Residential Construction Projects

People are Searching Online for Construction Solutions We all recognize a gorgeous website when we see it: beautiful, professional and inspiring to keep on looking and see what it has to offer us. But that in itself doesn’t guarantee that…


The 5S-Methodology: How to Organize the Worksite and Waste Less Time?

Too much material to be stored, badly organized storage locations, no overview of materials that are in stock, litter everywhere, damaged material, etc. Are chaos and lost materials things that make your life miserable at the worksite too? Are you…

snow_cleaning construction site

Winter at the Worksite: 7 Tips to make sure your Employees will not Freeze

Temperatures are falling, it’s going to freeze and the first snowflakes find their way down. No doubt about it: Jack Frost is coming! Cold, snow, black ice and other wintery circumstances can make the work at the site very difficult…

Automate business

Architects, Engineers, Contractors: Automate Your Business and Be In Control!

Do you know the difference between architects, contractors or engineers who work very hard, being constantly absorbed by a flow of urgencies and those that grow a business, earn good money, and enjoy a comfortable life? Keep on reading and…

Digital communication construction

7 Reasons Why the Construction Sector should Communicate Digitally

Chain cooperation within the construction and installation industry is a current theme. Optimizing sales and logistical processes is the key to a successful chain cooperation. Business partners can take a huge step to improve chain cooperation with electronic message exchange….

Pick Up More Leads for your Construction Company: 3 Tips You Can Build On

Pick Up More Leads for your Construction Company: 3 Tips You Can Build On

The construction sector is a busy site: many different companies demand the attention of the builder, but not every company is equally experienced in marketing. Well, dear marketer, that’s exactly why you have been hired. It is your job to…

The 4 Coolest Technological Innovations in Construction

The 4 Coolest Technological Innovations in Construction

Nowadays there are unbelievably many developments that are going on in the construction sector. Did you know that a 57-floor skyscraper was built in China in just 19 days? And that robots are capable of constructing a 3D printed bridge…

Eight Examples of Waste in the Construction Sector

Eight Examples of Waste in the Construction Sector

The construction sector is successful in many different ways. It is unfortunate that the work is not always done efficiently. Research has shown that more than 50% of the time is wasted on activities that are unproductive. All those actions…