Done is better than perfect - also for architects!

Done is better than perfect – also for architects!

Have you ever gone overboard in perfecting an e-mail, re-typed it completely a number of times, only to end up erasing everything after half an hour and sending your original version? Have you ever spent just a tad too long…

Never Give Discount!

Never Give Discount!

Do your clients often ask for a discount? There is no need for you to give them that. You do need to give them a good explanation about how you arrive at your pricing because clients do not want to…

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Tips for your Business Page on Facebook

You already have a Facebook page for your architecture or construction firm and you want to make it even more effective? Good – we’d like to offer you some easy user tips and functionalities. Switching between your personal profile and your…

Paying clients

Non-Paying Clients Are No Clients

Are you prone to blindly trusting that everything will work out when it comes to your invoicing? Especially if you know the client? Do not accept any assignments without checking first if the client is able to pay the bills….

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The Importance of Photos for a Strong Architecture (or Contractors) Portfolio

Say it with pictures, that is what the scientists advise as well: people retain only about 20 percent of what they read, but 80 percent of what they see. That one picture of that beautiful project could be just what…

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6 Tips For Taking Beautiful Pictures With Your Smartphone

Did you know that with a few handy settings and an App you can take professional pictures with your smartphone? Because you always carry your phone, you can easily take a quick picture, for example of an end result of…

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Best Laptop for Architecture

Every now and then we get the question which type of computer is suitable for architects and designers, who have to do a lot of computer supported drawing and image processing. Nothing more frustrating and time consuming than slow and ill…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of different Marketing Channels for AEC Companies

You want to work on name recognition for your architecture, engineering or construction firm, or on selling more of your services. You’ve already decided when you want to advertise and what your target group is (e.g. private homeowners vs the…

Best Tablet for Construction?

Best Tablet for Construction?

“What device should I buy for use at the construction site?” That is a frequently returning question from our users, so it makes it a good subject to explore. Instead of just listing a number of suitable tablets, we like…