Field reports and punch lists with ArchiSnapper – here are some samples

Field reports and punch lists with ArchiSnapper - here are some samples

Here you can find two sample field reports that were created with ArchiSnapper. The reports contain fictive information.

The first one is a regular field report, you can download it from here. It contains the typical architectural field report blocks like:

  • Report title and number
  • Project information
  • Report date and time
  • Weather conditions
  • Project status and status photo
  • Contacts table with people present and distribution column
  • The observations table with observations and observation number, photos with captions, a screenshot of a PDF plan with annotations, notes, and assignees

The second sample report is similar, you can download it from here. Here are some interesting features though:

  • The observations that originate from a previous report and that were cloned when creating this report are underlined (see for example observations 4.2 and 4.3 that were created for report 4 and that are still not fixed so they are still showing here in report 6 for this project).
  • You can see sketches on the photos, pointing out where the issue is located
  • For this report we also used ArchiSnapper to indicate the location for some of the observations on a floor plan. You can check out this floor plan with observation locations from here. As you can see the observation numbers are within the bullets on the drawing.