18 Useful ArchiSnapper Features

archisnapper - easy field report and punch list app

Here are 18 cool features, along with links that detail how to implement them. Adopt any you love; ignore any you don’t.

And, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, doubts or suggestions. We’re here to help!

1. Edit (or even create) reports online from your desktop: You can use our app to take short notes and photos on-site, then complete your reports using the web platform on your computer.

2. Annotate drawings or PDF plans: For any observation, you can open a PDF plan, zoom in, annotate it, and then save a snapshot that will be inserted as an accompanying photo.

3. Merge reports: Did you know you can merge field reports? Whether different users made reports for the same project, or you created and synced reports on different days, you can merge them into one list. You can also merge items from the TO DO list of a project into a report and vice versa. Some of our users start the punch list process with the TO DO list and then transfer all items into a report at the end.

4. Manage sections (e.g. for locations or areas) on a project level: You can then assign these sections to your observations.

5. Work with a checklist: When doing checklist-based site visits, you can review the items within each category or add new observations. And, whereas the general categories apply to all projects, you can use the checklist functionality to set up project-specific structures (e.g. use the categories to identify the rooms, floors, units, etc.).

6. Create punch lists: You can also use the checklist functionality to create punch lists.

7. Add observations from a PDF plan or drawing: When you open a drawing within the app, you can tap on a certain location to add an observation with photos, assignees, categories, sections, etc.

8. Share observations with non-ArchiSnapper users: Want to share observations with a subcontractor or owner? No problem — this video shows you how.

9. Export reports and photos to Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP or CSV:After you connect ArchiSnapper to your Dropbox/Drive/FTP/…, your files will automatically sync every four hours.

10. Import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook: Easy as pie.

11. Manage users: If you have admin rights, you can invite new users and assign users to projects.

12. Translate voice to text: The voice dictation features embedded in iOS and Android are better than most people think. More and more ArchiSnapper users are using this functionality instead of typing out notes.

13. Collaborate with assignees: After your contacts are invited to collaborate, they can offer feedback on items assigned to them by adding pictures, writing text and marking items as “to be approved.” Here is a help doc that illustrates how this works.

14. Sign off on field reports: From within the app, tap on “actions” to add signatures to any field report. The signed versions will be stored separately in your online account.

15. Clone settings: in the App there are clone settings (see ‘settings’ button in the left top). You can select whether or not you want to clone the report status, people present, report pictures and the OK items. Lots of our users don’t want to clone the OK items from the previous report (because they make the report longer and don’t add a lot of value).

16. TO DO list of observations: If you don’t need to distribute typical field reports (eg like an architect does) but you want to document observations complete with pictures, assignees, annotations on blueprints etc – and maybe share these observations with colleagues or subcontractors – then TO DO lists can come in handy.

17. Manage clone settings: from the ArchiSnapper App you can manage some settings related to cloning a previous field report when creating a new one. An interesting clone setting is ‘only clone NOK’ items’, which prevents the items that are already solved (OK items) to be cloned. Here you can find more info about this.

18. Schedule weekly emails to assignees, with NOT OK observations: doing so, assignees will get a weekly email with a list of open (NOK) observations assigned to them. Only admin users can manage this, from here.

Did we miss anything? Let us know: support@archisnapper.com