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2 tips for Communicating Effectively with ArchiSnapper

COVID-19 has changed the way everyone works — including those of us in the construction industry.

For example, some people now do site visits in the early morning or late evening, when little-to-no activity is happening on-site.

But less in-person interaction and alignment mean a higher risk of construction mistakes.

Fortunately, we can take steps to minimize them. Here are two tips for keeping your construction communication effective with ArchiSnapper.

1. Document items and issues accurately

When you’re inspecting a construction site and you see something that building partners need to account for or fix, document it as accurately as you can.

Add photos with annotations, text, location pointers on floor plans, assignees, and more:

This will make it crystal clear who has to do what, where, and how. You definitely want to reduce the chance of incorrect interpretations and costly mistakes.

2. Let assignees give feedback on pending items — directly with ArchiSnapper

No more emailing, calling, or texting to discuss the progress.

Invite your assignees to share feedback on their pending items. They can add comments and pictures to items, and send them to you for approval.

Check out this help doc to learn how it works.


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