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5 Simple Steps for Carpenters to GAIN TIME with Measurements, Site Follow Ups and Punch Lists

Increase the transparency of your products thanks to a simple app and give your productivity a boost.

Contrary to general contractors who coordinate a project from A to Z, contractors for windows, doors, decks, kitchens, etc. often have many short-term projects. That is because they form just one link in the building process of new construction, but they also do much reconstruction that takes just one or two days of work.

Managing a product (large or small) is not an easy job: different partners, employees, unforeseen circumstances and… administration! Every (small) project requires its own measurement and the submission of a quotation.

A measurement at a client using pen and paper is also not evident. We’re not going to beat around the bush, sooner or later this causes communication problems. As an example: the paper with the measurements is illegible for the calculation department, best case scenario the pictures are being submitted later or even too late. -> Result: delays of the project, which also has consequences on the budgetary level.

After approval of the quotation and after production or ordering of the materials, a crew goes to work at the location of the client for placement or installation.

The crew takes pictures and checks a number of things. However, if there are complaints after the punch list, you end up in a chaos of pictures and invoices.  -> Result: tough discussions, dissatisfied clients, etc.

ArchiSnapper is a simple and user-friendly app that does not require previous training. ArchiSnapper helps you to digitally register all information from measurement to punchlist in a simple way, for all of your projects.

  • measurement at the site of the client
  • run down checklist
  • check placement
  • note remarks
  • add pictures right away
  • sketch on a white background, on a picture or on a ground plan

All of this is possible. Also offline! After every project visit A report is automatically generated with the measurements, pictures, sketches, required materials, etc. Your partners (production employees, subcontractors, team members, etc.) receive their tasks and other documents at the worksite or at the office.

Join us in checking out how carpentry companies can utilize ArchiSnapper when measuring and with execution.

Taking measurements with the ArchiSnapper App

Step 1: Create your checklist ‘Measurement’.

Create your own checklist (template) which then can be used for all measurements at the worksite of the client.

Step 2: Use your checklist “Measurement” at the worksite of the client

Start working with this checklist for measurements at the site of the client using the ArchiSnapper App. Based on this checklist, the person who takes the measurements can do this for any type of project.

Add certain project information, such as type of construction, condition of the base or foundation, materials to be supplied, etc. Then link information, pictures and measurements per window (or door). For every item there are standard texts that you can set yourself. This way you avoid unnecessary work.

Step 3: Share your report with your partners

With a number of clicks you will have a detailed measurement report. Your partners (production employees, subcontractors, team members, etc.) receive their tasks and other documents at the worksite or at the office.

Psst, did you know that you can personalize your reports with your own house style and logo of your own company with ArchiSnapper?


Would you like to go a step further?


Follow up and punch list with the ArchiSnapper App

Step 4: Follow up with the placement

Follow up with the placement and the assembly of your projects with ArchiSnapper. It is also handy during the execution to be able to digitally register certain information with corresponding pictures right away. As an example: the points that have not been checked off yet, certain things that have to be done from the office (order additional materials, plan new appointment, invoicing, etc.). Do it at the location with ArchiSnapper and possibly use a checklist.

That way the pictures are placed immediately with the correct comment within the correct project, possibly with the person responsible (who has to execute this point) and an indication on the plan.

Step 5: Check your checklist at the end of the project

One crucial point for every project is the rounding off of the placement or installation, in other words, the punch list. To avoid possible disputes or uncertainties it is important to create a punch list report, complete with pictures. The report can even be signed by the client.

ArchiSnapper increases the transparency and ensures that everything is clear for everybody. In a way, ArchiSnapper helps you to divide and follow up with the work better and easier.


Increase the Efficiency of Your Company!

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