7 Reasons Why the Construction Sector should Communicate Digitally

7 Reasons Why the Construction Sector should Communicate Digitally

Chain cooperation within the construction and installation industry is a current theme. Optimizing sales and logistical processes is the key to a successful chain cooperation. Business partners can take a huge step to improve chain cooperation with electronic message exchange. Digital messaging offers business partners many advantages.

We’re happy to list the advantages for you.

1/ Save On Overhead and Transaction Costs

The manual processing of sales and logistic documents (order, order confirmation, packing slip, invoice) costs a lot of time and money. This is valuable time that often can be used much more useful. By replacing the manual processing of logistical documents with electronic messaging, you can save on overhead and transaction costs. Research shows that a cost saving of 59 – 64% is possible, on electronic invoicing alone.

2/ Speeding Up of Processes

Speed of delivery is crucial to remain competitive. Electronic messaging speeds up the processes significantly because it makes automation of the processes possible. This in turn allows for faster processing of the orders and to deliver them sooner, keeping the business partners informed about the delivery earlier during the process.

3/ Decreasing Errors

Thanks to electronic messaging, logistic documents will be processed automated. Documents will no longer be copied manually into the systems, but are scanned automatically. Eliminating the manual processing decreases the possibility of making errors which improves the quality of the processing procedures.

4/ Improving Business Relationships

Electronic messaging makes it possible for business partners to serve each other faster and better. Clients will receive their orders faster and suppliers will get paid sooner. This creates durable and powerful business relationships.

5/ Increase Data Reliability

The ERP systems contain ever more data (article/order information). It is important that this data is correct, complete, consistent, timely and current. Thanks to electronic messaging this data is exchanged more efficiently and kept up to date in real time. This better ensures the quality of the data.

6/ Real Time Insight into Logistical Processes

Electronic messaging allows the business partners better insight into the status of orders, order confirmations, transport orders, status of payments et cetera. This ensures a current view into the status of logistical processes.

7/ More Environment Friendly

Electronic messaging saves a lot on paper and thus reduces CO2 emission. The paper industry is one of the largest contributors of the gases that are the cause of global warming. This makes electronic messaging an important part of creating a better environment.

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