7 Software Tools that Reduce Administration for Architects

7 Software Tools that Reduce Administration for Architects


Architects (just like business owners of most industries) always have their inboxes jammed and their plates full with administration duties, necessary to run their business. These include time-consuming (yet mandatory) administration chores such as finding the next project and completing the current one, invoicing clients, paying bills, technology, employee payroll, insurance, office and document management, marketing …

Using productivity improving software and apps, architects can save time and money. It allows them to return to their passion…architecture! Here are 7 useful tools that help architects to remain organized and reduce those pesky administration responsibilities.

1. Document Management: Google Drive or Dropbox

Online cloud software for document management is a new and exciting trend. Architects handle a lot of paperwork, files, plans, blueprints, invoices, photos, sketches and often work on multiple projects at the same time. Time is money and can be lost easily spending it looking for documents or even working with the incorrect version of a document. These solutions give firm owners a secure place to store and share important data with other members of the team, are accessible with a smart phone, tablet or computer anytime and anywhere in the world.

2. Invoice Administration: Freshbooks or Invoicera or Blinksale

Online invoicing and accounting also in the cloud! These 3 invoicing solutions for small business owners make the task of setting up your business administration to be well-structured, effortless. Quickbooks is the always the automatic option, but these online software programs are integrated into so many methods of payment (even 3rd party software such as Basecamp for project management), make your firm look professional and keep you organized for very low monthly fees. Also, using online software and not relying on a program on your work computer you can access your data from anywhere, an enormous time-saver.

3. Time Tracking for Employees: Hubstaff or GetHarvest

So here are 2 more simple and easy tech tools that cost only a small monthly investment and keep track of your firm’s employees’ worked hours. Some architect business owners use the corresponding app on their smartphones to “clock” in employees wherever they happen to be working first thing that day…the office or the jobsite! They also have neat features that show your team exactly what they have been working on individually in order to eliminate wasted time and save money. Paper time sheets and other archaic methods just cannot compete with the efficiency, ease and benefits of tracking time with software. Time is money!

4. For Client Portfolios and CRM: Highrise HQ

When you have several jobs going on at once, Highrise HQ is a great choice for managing your clients and projects. Organize and save your notes, Email and SMS conversations even chat transcripts for up to thousands of clients. Stay on top of deals and proposals so everyone on the team is on the same page. Available and integrated with over 100 popular plug-ins to help with business productivity and reporting, sales and marketing, calling and chat clients, help desk solutions and excellent CRM (customer relationship management) features, this tech software for saving time is a no brainer for any busy professional.

5. Project Management: Basecamp, Proofhub or TeamworkPM

These software solutions are for web-based project management with collaboration features to make it easier for the entire team to work on multiple projects at once…even larger firms (with more than 5 satellite offices) or multi-national architect firms benefit from the ease of product management, with all their crucial data in one, safe, accessible place. To-do lists, file sharing, messages, chatting, time tracking and calendars are some of the amazing features designed to save you time and thus money.

6. Website Services: Webs or Wix or Plebu or Weebly

If time is of the essence and time is money then creating a professional-looking website for your firm quickly and with the least amount of headaches is for you. These are truly easy to use, even if you don’t know how to write code or build a website. With consumers now using the internet over phone books to search products and businesses…owners in any industry know that a top-notch website is now a crucial tool for success. This is a great tool for business owners who need a website for minimal cost which is easy and quick to use. Another time-saver!

7. Creating Site Reports: ArchiSnapper

An online software solution designed to make all architects more efficient…not just the firm owners! Create an account in minutes online and then say goodbye to boring administration duties. First download the app, then collect info, take and integrate pictures and sketches and more with the app for your smart phone or tablet during onsite visits. ArchiSnapper creates a PDF site report which is immediately available to send to your clients. No more spending time writing your notes down on paper, carting around your camera, and then (trying) to quickly create a professional-looking report in Word later in the office. Save hours of time each day, week, month and year! All your critical information is safe in the cloud, accessible to the entire team.

Organization is important to any member of a firm! It’s vital to have your business administration set up efficiently and the more automated, the better. If not, hours get lost looking at incorrect information, looking for documents, double-data entry and doing tasks that do not immediately make you money. Architects are artists and passionate about what they do. Let your passions drive what you do…not your administration tasks.

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