Advantages and Disadvantages of different Marketing Channels for AEC Companies

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You want to work on name recognition for your architecture, engineering or construction firm, or on selling more of your services. You’ve already decided when you want to advertise and what your target group is (e.g. private homeowners vs the business market), but now you have to decide which medium you are going to employ to get your message out. There are all kinds of media and possibilities out there to get your message to the public:




Regional radio

  • Large audience
  • Audio message often is retained longer than text
  • Targeted advertising is difficult
  • Relatively expensive

Social media

  • Is possible with small budget
  • Very targeted advertising
  • Clear insight in results and reach
  • Requires reading in and some practice
  • Demands fast reaction to questions, complaints or compliments

Local newspapers

  • Good reach in the right region
  • Suitable for the older target group
  • Less popular with the younger generation
  • Little space with a small budget

Online bannering

  • Being noticed on the relevant sites
  • Generates (measurable) traffic to your website
  • Completely dependent on good website
  • Demands reading in and some practice

Sponsoring sport clubs

  • Sympathetic with local character
  • Prolonged visibility
  • Offers PR opportunities
  • Not very targeted
  • Long lasting contracts

Sponsoring events and charity causes

  • Sympathetic with local character
  • Physical presence (during events)
  • Offers PR opportunities
  • Is often far removed from offering
  • Target group not very specific