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It’s almost there, the official start of summer. The weather is getting beter and vacation time is right around the corner. We’d like to jump into that festive time with some ArchiSnapper news and facts: what are the best apps for construction, which features did we develop, ArchiSnapper uptime, and what do our users think about ArchiSnapper!

The Best Apps for Construction – Our Selection for 2018

We have tested a lot of apps for architects and contractors and also analyzed the reviews. By using these apps, this can give you the edge on your colleagues/competition – and will allow you to work smarter instead of harder. Here you can find our selection of the 14 best construction apps in 2018.

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Surprising ArchiSnapper features that you might not have discovered (yet) relaxed

ArchiSnapper has launched a series of new functionalities during the past months.

For a large part these were initiated by feedback from our users. Following is an overview:

  • PDF layout improvements: for example the option to show new observation descriptions in bold.
  • Download all contacts to Excel.
  • Admin user can indicate other users as admin.
  • Users can change their email and name.
  • Adjust your symbol and color for “OK”, “NOT OK” and “blank” in the PDF layout.
  • A new Android app, check version 5 in the Play Store.
  • Possibility to have your PDF reports signed from your smartphone or tablet and save a signed version to your report.
  • Translation of the app into French and Dutch on iOS.
  • Spell check in the online editor.
  • Seek and find reports based on the checklist used.
  • And quite a few more adaptations such as speed, usability, design, etc.

Tips and tricks

Do you have the latest version?
Check that you have installed the latest version of the app: ArchiSnapper 5 for Android and ArchiSnapper 4 for iOS.

An application requires an update
You can easily update ArchiSnapper on your smartphone/tablet: search for ArchiSnapper in the App/Play Store and press Update.

We recommend that you always use the latest version of ArchiSnapper. This version has the latest features and optimizations.

Don’t you want to miss updates or do you want updates happen automatically? Enable the “Auto Update”.

Chrome for the web application
For the online account, use Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

Up & down

Server uptime has become absolutely crucial in our “always on, always connected”-society. Also, at ArchiSnapper we strive for a permanent uptime and performance for our users. Check the uptime monitoring of ArchiSnapper here.

Review of the week

“The app is incredibly helpful for documenting field inspections with pictures and notes.”

Joe B. I Green Building Consulting

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Hello (Almost) Vacation!

Good luck in the last run up to the construction industry vacation break and enjoy a well-earned vacation sunny!

The ArchiSnapper Team

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