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ArchiSnapper News – December 2019

Yay, the Holiday Season is coming! Finally some time to re-read all your field reports of the past year. (Not! 😉) Maybe you prefer to go out on a hike or enjoy some time off with family and friends. But HO, ho, ho .. not too fast. Let us entertain you with some ArchiSnapper news first. Enjoy!

Free webinar: getting started with ArchiSnapper

Didn’t really get started with ArchiSnapper yet? Or not sure if you’re getting maximum value out of ArchiSnapper? On January 8th 2020 you’ll learn in half in 30 minutes how to get started with ArchiSnapper, and how it will help you save hours of time creating beautiful, personalised and professional field reports and punch lists.

Did you already discover these features?

  • Get an overview of your projects on a map, so that you can schedule your site visits efficiently.
Visits on a map | ArchiSnapper
  • Show which contacts are invited to your next site visit in the contact table of your field reports:
Invited Contacts table | ArchiSnapper

Review of the month

“Solid multi-platform solution for industrial reports. Overall experience has been very positive. I chose the product initially because of its ease to create on site with a smartphone and then finish at the office on a laptop. What sent it over the top was the highly motivated and friendly developers who listen to their clients and act fast to improve their product.” – Richard T.

Did you know … that you can add observations directly from a floor-plan?

You can open the plan, tap on a certain area, and add an observation directly from there:

Add Observation from PDF | ArchiSnapper

Are your New Years resolutions defined yet?

No? Don’t worry. Neither did we. But what do you think about a new marketing approach? Generate more leads for less money. Doesn’t sound bad, does it? Discover how to get started in our latest blogpost.

New integration partner

Good news for all of Core users. Recently we partnered up with this awesome project management tool. We are delighted about this integration as it will help Core + ArchiSnapper users streamline their processes significantly.

Do you want to know more about all of our integration partners? Check the full list here. Missing a software in the list? Send us an email and we’re happy to explore the possibilities for you.

Do you have a question?

Or do you want to share something? Let me know by sending me an email. We are always happy to help!


Are you interested in a new FREE trial?

Is getting started with ArchiSnapper still an item on your to-do list but has your trial expired? Let us know by sending us an email. We are happy to help you with setting up a new free trial.

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