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ArchiSnapper News – February 2020

As Steve Jobs once said:

“Great things in business are never done by one person”

And we couldn’t agree more! And because we’re fans of good teamwork we try to help you with this by building features that enable you to work together with third parties and colleagues in a relaxed and structured way.

Use ArchiSnapper to share and collaborate

There are different ways to share and collaborate on pending items:

You can share a secure and personalized link straight from the all observations table. The third party you share the link with does not need an ArchiSnapper account and gets a real-time overview of his pending items. More info here.

Share a secure and personalized link straight from the all observations table | ArchiSnapper

Or, you can set up a weekly reminder to assignees, with their pending items. These assignees (like contractors and subcontractors) will automatically receive a weekly email with their pending items. Straight in their inbox. Lovely!

Set up a weekly reminder to assignees, with their pending items. | ArchiSnapper

Want to go all the way?

Invite assignees to give feedback on assigned items. They’ll get a realtime view on their pending items and can give feedback with text and photos.

No more endless phone calls, emails, or WhatsApp messages about pending items. You can communicate directly within ArchiSnapper

Next to collaborating with external assignees, it’s also possible to collaborate with your colleagues – that are ArchiSnapper users – on items assigned to them.

Did you miss our webinar?

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Meet the team: Marijn

Welcome Marijn | ArchiSnapper

Marijn (left side) just started at ArchiSnapper as Business Developer:

  • He gets energized by taking a run in the forest or by practicing his climbing skills.
  • Binge-watch tip: the Netflix mini-series “Godless”
  • Inspired by: people that find a good balance between pursuing their own professional ambitions and having enough quality time for themselves or family and friends.

Welcome to the team Marijn! 🙌

Review of the month

“The software saves me a lot of time in the office compiling my field reports. The reports look great with a minimal amount of effort. It also really helps me organize and track issues that need attention until they have been completed. Getting up and running with the software is quick and pretty intuitive.” – James K., Capterra review

Did you know…

… that your smartphone or tablet has a super useful built-in feature for documenting items on-site with ArchiSnapper? You can talk to your phone or tablet using the voice-to-text function. The text then automagically appears on your screen. You should definitely give this productivity booster a try!

Use the voice-to-text function | ArchiSnapper

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