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ArchiSnapper News – May 2019

ArchiSnapper sample report

We have added quite some layout settings and improvements for the PDF field reports and punch lists generated with ArchiSnapper. We’ve applied some of these new layout settings to a sample report. Go check it out here.

New blog articles

Here are some of our new blog articles for architects and contractors:
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11 Ways to Make Your iPhone or iPad Your Best Construction Tool
6 Great Social Proof Strategies for Architects and Contractors
Inbound Marketing for Architects and Contractors

New features

Here are the features we released during the past months:
• New clone setting in the app: “only clone NOT OK items”.
• Page break and white space improvements in the PDF reports.
• Report PDF layout setting: change font size of the “general conditions”.
• Report PDF layout setting: show full size photos at the end of the report.
• Report PDF layout setting: choose font size of the observation categories.
• Report PDF layout setting: show observation status as a label.
• Report PDF layout setting: show the observation number before the observation name.
• Report PDF layout setting: show the observation number as a label (instead of text).
• Redesign of the observations in the app: show more information – eg picture thumbnails and descriptions – in the overview pages.
• Add project pictures – from the “internal pictures” library – directly into your observations online.
• Automatically timestamp your photos (via a new setting in the account settings).
• Better filters for observations in the App.
• Search options in the audit logs.

We share all our new features on the dashboard of the online ArchiSnapper account. And on our public high level roadmap you can see what our focus will be for the near future.

Not sure if you’re taking full advantage of ArchiSnapper? Here’s a list of 17 useful ArchiSnapper functionalities.

New videos on our YouTube Channel

On the ArchiSnapper YouTube Channel we post our how-to videos on a regular basis, to show how certain functionalities work (such as having the report signed, working with checklists, working with to-do lists, etc.).

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