ArchiSnapper News – September 2020

ArchiSnapper News – September 2020

Just chiming in with a quick overview of some useful ArchiSnapper features you may not yet know about. You might need to spend a few moments to set things up, but the time-savings you’ll enjoy — week after week — are well worth it. 🙌

Filtered Reports

send filtered reports with ArchiSnapper

Send all parties a separate report with only the items assigned to them. Clear and convenient, right? Just check the “Filtered Reports” box when sending out your report or to-do list.


checkinatwork with ArchiSnapper Use the ArchiSnapper app to register yourself, colleagues, contractors, or subcontractors in one click for Belgium’s obligatory checkinatwork registration.

This is how it works.

Customized training

Interested in training tailored to the specific needs and wishes of your company and colleagues? Let us know via email, and we’ll look at the possibilities together.

Request, review, store documents

request store approve documents with ArchiSnapper

ArchiSnapper helps you request, approve, and store documents in no time.

Yes, that includes automated reminders. 😉

Watch this video to learn how this works:

ArchiSnapper – Sharepoint integration

sharepoint - archisnapper integration Effortlessly import documents and floor plans from Sharepoint, and export your AchiSnapper reports and photos back to Sharepoint.

For some help with setup, check out this helpdoc.  

Projects on a map

projects on a map with ArchiSnapper

Show your projects on a map to efficiently schedule your visits. Monitor which projects need a visit soon, and get an overview of the number of reports made per project. Here’s the helpdoc.

Determine our next webinar’s topic

Requesting documents? Setting up your templates? Using the app on-site? Whatever you want to learn about, just let us know.

And of course, you can always watch previous webinars on our YouTube channel.

Have any questions? I’m a quick email away, and I’m always happy to help.

Jerry and the ArchiSnapper team

P.S. Still discovering ArchiSnapper’s basic features? Check out our Quick Start Guides and complete your first report in no time. You can find these guides on your online account’s dashboard.  

Interested in a new 7-day trial? Let me know at  

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