Architects How to Set Up a WiFi Network With Your iPhone

Architects: How to Set Up a WiFi Network With Your iPhone

Architects are often on the move, so finding WiFi is not always the easiest thing in the world. Sure, you can hope to stumble upon a McDonalds or Starbucks, or maybe you’ll stay at a hotel and have free WiFi there. But what about when those options aren’t available?

What happens when you are out on a job site speaking with clients or workers and you need to do some actual work on a computer? Let’s say you can’t use your phone because the screen is too small or the data connection just isn’t cutting it.

The only solution is to create a WiFi network with your iPhone. When we say set up a WiFi network, we mean creating a wireless hotspot so you can take the wireless data that your phone uses to convert it into a WiFi signal for other devices you have to connect. This way, you can take out a computer and connect just like you would with a regular WiFi signal.

Keep in mind that this tutorial is for the iOS 8, so if you have an older phone, the steps might be a little different. If you have an Android phone we might talk about setting up a WiFi network with those phones in the future, but the general idea with those phones is that you can typically download an app that does it all for you.

There are plenty of tethering and hotspot apps available on the Google Play Store, so Android buffs have it a little easier.

Setting Up a WiFi Network Hotspot with Your iPhone

Step 1

Take your phone and touch the Settings button on your homescreen. In the screenshot it is the one on the bottom right hand corner. The Settings page is where you manage most of your connectivity options, so feel free to look around for other cool tricks.

Settings Button

Step 2

Then, choose the Cellular button to proceed. This is a green button with the little white cellular tower.

Cellular button

Step 3

You will then see an option called Cellular Data Network which helps you tap into the network and understand exactly what you can do with it. Click on this item to move forward and make your phone into a WiFi network hotspot.

Cellular Data Network

Step 4

Scroll down to the area called Personal Hotspot. This allows you to type in a bunch of information to create your own hotspot. It is just like setting up your own wireless network at home with a router, so you should name your WiFi hotspot whatever you want in order to find it later with your other devices.

Personal Hotspot

Feel free to create a password here if you want. Keep in mind that if you don’t create a password, other people will be able to tap into your WiFi signal, meaning that they will suck up the data on your phone, which will probably end up costing you a bit of money.

The APN, or access point name, is another optional area that helps you find the network when you are on your other devices.

Step 5

Once you are done with the previous step, the phone will automatically create a new tab for you in the Settings area. Click back to the main Settings page and you will be able to see a new tab called Personal Hotspot. If you click on this option, you can always go in there and turn the hotspot on or off.

So, you obviously don’t want to waste all of your phone’s data, so make sure you turn it off when you are done using it. You can also click on this button to change your password whenever you want. I’d advise changing the password regularly to protect your cellphone data plan from going over.

Personal Hotspot Tab

Remember that the personal WiFi hotspot is always disabled by default, so you shouldn’t be able to connect with another device just by creating the username and password on the phone. You will have to enable the WiFi hotspot in order to gain access the first time.

Step 6

To flip the hotspot on, all you have to do is click through that link and flip the switch. You can see below that the WiFi hotspot is activated. You can also checkout some information below that on connecting through different forms like Bluetooth.

The Tab

Step 7

How do you connect to this new WiFi network? Well, once you turn on the hotspot it starts sending a signal to all the devices in the area. Let’s say you want to do some work on your computer. Simply go to the internet connection area on your computer and find the WiFi signal like you would with any other signal that you would have at home or at the office.

Feel free to connect with any type of device you want such as an iPad, Android device, eReader or computer.

Connecting Your iPhone to a WiFi Network

Sometimes all you need is a faster connection, so connecting your phone to an existing WiFi connection is your best solution. To do this, follow the following steps. This isn’t exactly what I would call “creating a WiFi network,” but it’s an essential tip to learn if you want to get the fastest speeds available for when you are on the job.

This technique is perfect for when you only need to do some work on your phone but you need faster speeds. It’s also nice to save money on your wireless data bill, since you are using a different hotspot to connect. If you need to show a video to your clients this is your best bet, because videos suck down your data like crazy, and you will end up paying when your data plan goes over.

Step 1

Go to the Settings button on your iPhone.

Step 2

Make sure your WiFi option is turned on so that it can search for WiFi connections in the area.

Step 3

Find the WiFi network name you want to join and click on it. If it’s an open network you can simply move on from there, but you might also need to punch in a password to gain access. It’s a pain to punch in passwords on the phone, so a trick I use is to email or text the password to myself, copy it and then paste it into the password field.

This works nicely if you are working with a rather long or complicated password and you don’t want to mess with the iPhone keyboard.


That’s it! Setting up a WiFi network is pretty darn easy when you have some instructions, and you start to get used to the process once you do it a few times. Just remember that you should always checkout how much data you can use on your phone every month before creating a mobile hotspot. For example, I used to get unlimited data on my phone, which was great for making hotspots, but now I get 2MB per month.

If you start looking at high bandwidth sites or different types of media like audio or video it will quickly eat up your data. Then you will find a large phone bill because you didn’t end up checking how much data you could use in the first place. I tend to recommend that you only use a WiFi network hotspot if you plan on sending a few emails or showing a website to a client that you can’t view well on your phone.

If you have any questions about how to set up a WiFi network with your iPhone please drop us a line in the comment section below!

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