The 10 Best WordPress Themes for Architects

The 10 Best WordPress Themes for Architects

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is used by companies and individuals all over the world to run and customize websites from the backend. A huge proportion of websites are run on WordPress, since it dominates the market with over 22 percent of websites running the CMS.

Why do so many people use WordPress? Because the community is huge and the interface is perfect for any experience level. You don’t have to wait on hold to contact a support team because WordPress provides forums to chat with other users and moderators who are having similar problems. Not to mention that you receive the ultimate security, a quick site and thousands of plugins to improve your site.

Anyone can setup WordPress at no cost with just a few simple steps. Rather than focusing on that today, however, we’ll instead discuss why a theme is your best bet for designing your website.

Website design used to cost thousands of dollars and take weeks or months to complete. Now, companies create premium themes that cost you around $50 for a fully functional site with beautiful designs and features to market your business. In short, a theme takes the frontend of your site and makes it user-friendly and appealing to the eye.

The Benefits of a Well-Maintained Architecture Site

Every business needs a website to become successful nowadays, but according to a 2012 survey, over 75% of businesses don’t have a website. This is a huge problem, especially for architects who thrive on first impressions.

Let’s take a look at some of the primary benefits of having a well-maintained website.

  • People find businesses online, with your only legitimate alternative being word-of-mouth.
  • The local search in Google boosts your relevance drastically.
  • If your site is up and running constantly then you don’t lose business.
  • A nice theme shows that you take your business appearance seriously. (How can an architect provide quality work if they can’t even setup a decent website?)
  • Well-maintained sites on WordPress cut down on marketing, development, and support costs

The Quality of Your Work

Everyone starts their architect search by going to websites, and since architecture success relies on design, a website lets you feature your past work and show people exactly what you can offer to their potential job. The quality of your work is impossible to see unless you feed valuable content to your potential clients by offering photos, videos, and other items that may relate to your target customers.

The options are endless for showing the quality of your work with a nice-looking website. Share blog posts every week to show that you are interested in providing quality content for your customers. Start working on social media pages to display that you want to interact with customers. You can even post a page with typical price ranges to show that you are a transparent company that wants to create a line of trust from the start.

Display References

Making a flyer or magazine ad with a testimonial is no longer that useful to anyone in the internet age. A website offers a unique chance to share what past customers have felt about your work. Post these references and testimonials directly on your homepage to show that other people are willing to share how they feel about you.

Word-of-mouth is still a huge way to find clients, but this brings together the power of offline references and the internet by showing video or text testimonials from past clients.

Give Examples of Your Style

Examples are typically the first items people want to look at when landing on your site, so you can start by branding your business with a viable theme that fits with your current architectural designs. You might not find something that fits exactly, but the plethora of themes provides you with plenty to work with, and you can always modify the themes to change the colors, buttons, pictures, and menus.

Your website look isn’t the only area to boast about your style. Figure out what your style is and find the past jobs that relate most to this style. Include photos and videos that blend well with the site and let off a certain atmosphere, similar to creating an environment in a real office. Your company culture and design style needs to bleed through your website, and themes allow you to quickly figure this out and modify the website whenever you feel it needs a change.

Also, don’t forget to make your work easy to access directly from the homepage. Potential customers must see your portfolio calling to them as they land on your homepage. A Contact page is nice to have on your website, but it’s not what people are interested in seeing at the top of your homepage.

How to Get in Touch

Showing your designs and quality of work is just the first step to landing your customers through a website. These designs create a perception in the customer’s mind to help them decide whether or not they want to work with you. Paired with the references and other aspects of your site, you then need to capture that customer, and it can all be done through your website.

How are your customers going to get in touch with you when they decide that you are the perfect architect for them? The answer is a clear Contact page. You can also incorporate other contact methods such as a phone number and social media network links, but the contact page is a nice little area for people to securely contact you through an email form.

Include a clear link and call-to-action on your homepage and incorporate this link throughout your entire website, because you never know when someone decides that they are ready to contact you. Every website needs methods to get in touch, otherwise the whole process is a big waste of time.

The Key is Trust

Everything comes together on your site to build a platform that shows that you are a trustworthy person to work with. If your website looks great, provides striking photos of past projects, and concise quotes people start to build trust in you without you putting in much effort. Trust is the foundation of your business, and a WordPress website is a digital extension of your company, working for you to show that you are the right person for the job.

When you use WordPress, setting up a quality website shouldn’t cost you too much time or money. The most important thing is to select a WordPress theme that reflects your work and quality. There are thousands of WordPress themes available, so we picked out the 10 best WordPress themes for architects and their businesses:

Arc – Responsive Architect Business WP Theme

Arc - Responsive Architect Business WP Theme

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Architectos – Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Architectos - Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme

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Hermes for Business Corporate Resort and Hotel

Hermes for Business Corporate Resort and Hotel

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Architecture – Premium WordPress Theme

Architecture - Premium WordPress Theme

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Fount – One & Multipage Hybrid WordPress Theme

Fount - One & Multipage Hybrid WordPress Theme

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Rayleigh – A Responsive Minimal Architect Theme

Rayleigh - A Responsive Minimal Architect Theme

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Architec – Architecture WordPress Theme

Architec - Architecture WordPress Theme

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Architekt – Free Theme


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The Agency for WordPress

The Agency for WordPress

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Arche – Architecture WordPress Responsive Theme

Arche - Architecture WordPress Responsive Theme

Buy Now | Try a Demo

Let us know in the comments sections if you have any questions about the best WordPress themes for architects. Share your thoughts on any other options and if you have used any of the themes mentioned above. Keep an eye out for our future blog post that shows you how to setup your WordPress website in under 30 minutes for free. Forget about spending up to $5,000 on a website.

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