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Activity does not equal progress

Many business owners and managers set up tracking systems to ensure team members are actually productive during working hours, in order to try and prevent them from eating up working hours with personal business. There are two problems with this….

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Architects and Contractors: Focus on VALUE when doing Sales!

Over the last couple of months I’ve spoken with quite some contractors and architects related to a renovation of our house. I know that AEC people are often very busy, and most of them have sufficient or even too many…

Why is a Robot Using our App - ArchiSnapper?

Why is a Robot Using our App – ArchiSnapper?

A few times a week, a robot is using our app ArchiSnapper. He (or is it a she?) is clicking on almost every single button in the app. Strangely enough, he (let’s stick with “he”) is doing the same set…

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Here’s why you need to ditch Word and Excel for your Field reports and Punch Lists

Don’t get me wrong; I think both Word and Excel are fantastic tools. They are straightforward to use, inexpensive, and can be helpful for many many tasks. The online versions of Google Docs and Sheets have transformed the way we…

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The Building Blocks of a Professional Safety Inspection Report

We all know that drafting safety inspection reports can be a very time-consuming administrative activity: taking notes on site together with pictures, and when you’re back at to office, you still need to write out the notes in Word, transfer…

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Why We Work From Home (and Why You Should Consider It)

What if you could: Wake up every morning at a reasonable hour and have breakfast with your family. Bring your kids to school then be at your office, ready for work, only a couple of minutes later (no commuting, no…

Why you should email your colleagues, even if they sit right next to you

Why you should email your colleagues, even if they sit right next to you

Fact 1… For every task or activity you’ve started in your whole life, there is always a warm-up period needed to get “in the zone“. Always, no exception. The “warm-up period” could range anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes before…