we love simplicity at archisnapper an easy app for field reporting

Here’s what we believe in at ArchiSnapper: SIMPLICITY

There’s so much software out there that’s too complex!

These programs have too many features, making them more confusing than they are useful.


That’s why at ArchiSnapper, we prioritize simplicity—in both our business practices and our software.

Simplicity on the business side: fewer people and less corporate structure, fewer policies and less overhead, fewer meetings and less abstraction.

Simplicity on the software side: fewer features, less distraction. More utility.

Simple software comes with many advantages, for both our company and our customers. Our app is easy to learn, so users get maximum value with minimum effort. And it’s easy for us to develop, maintain, and support.

When people compare software products, they often compare feature lists. The idea is, the one with the longest list wins.

But the more something does, the harder it becomes to understand and use.

Adding more features doesn’t make your life easier if you don’t use them. In fact, all that extraneous information can make an app feel clunky and intimidating.

And chances are, users will soon find themselves looking for something simpler, no matter how excited they were about that long list of capabilities.

So for us, simplicity is—by far—the most important feature.

We try to stand by keeping it simple instead of by adding extraneous junk or filler options.

We try to generate as much value as possible with the simplest possible solution.

If we take one customer and develop his wishlist of, let’s say, three specific features, then this customer will be happy.

If we take the second customer and do the same, then most likely both customer one and two will be happy.

But if we do this for all our users, the product will quickly become too complex and frustrating—and none of our users will we happy.

So the key is deciding which features to add and which to omit.

That’s why we continuously ask our users for feedback and read all feedback very carefully. Based on all this feedback, we’re learning about the features our users actually need.

When considering potential features, we evaluate the tradeoff between impact on simplicity and value. If a feature decreases simplicity and generates little value, then we’ll try to find another way of solving the problem.

In summary, when adding a feature, we evaluate not only its benefit for some users, but also its larger effect on our user base as a whole. We’re committed to keeping our product as simple and efficient as possible—so it’s the kind of program you’ll continue to find useful.

The book Getting Real, by Basecamp founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, has been of great value to us at ArchiSnapper, as have the authors’ other resources. They are the masters in pragmatism, independent thinking and simplicity. So if you’re looking for more inspiration for efficiency in your own life, be sure to check out their work!

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