How to downgrade your iOS version

WARNING: run a backup first

1 – On the back of your device, check the model number:

2 – go here:

3 – choose “iPhone” or “iPad” and enter the model number.

4 – Download the file (big file!) of the version you want to downgrade to. Save it on your desktop.

5 – Disable “find my iphone/ipad” on your device.
(settings > click your name > icloud > find my iphone/ipad > disable)

6 – open iTunes on your computer, and connect your iPhone or iPad, wait until it appears in iTunes in the top left of iTunes

7 –
Mac: press and hold Alt/Option-key and click “restore”
Windows: press and hold shift-key and click “restore”

8 – select the downloaded file (IPSW-file)

9 – confirm the reinstall

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