Improve the Communication Between Your Partners

Improve the Communication Between Your Partners

Increase the transparency of your construction projects thanks to a simple app and allow your partners to follow the changes at the site in real time.

Managing a construction project is complex: different partners, employees, regulations, unforeseen circumstances, etc.

Paper plans and sketches are often not up to date and it is an impossible task to have everybody work with the same, newest version at the same time.

Working at the construction site with paperwork, pen and camera is also not evident. We won’t mince words; sooner or later this creates communication problems which result in construction delays and also has considerable consequences concerning the budget.

ArchiSnapper is a simple and user-friendly app that does not require prior training. ArchiSnapper helps you to manage unchecked points and the most recent plans for all your construction projects in a simple way.

Collect observations at the site, link pictures and responsible persons to this and indicate locations on the plan. All of this is possible. Even Offline!

Add observations and link pictures, responsible persons, text or annotation to the plan.

Add indications to a floor plan.


Take pictures, circle the problem and add a description.

With a number of clicks you will have an extended report.

Psst, did you know you can also make up personalized reports using your own house style and logo of your company with ArchiSnapper?

Your partners (project employees, subcontractors, team members, etc.) receive their tasks and other documents at the work site or at the office.

List of all remarks. Filter the remarks per project or per partner, or per status.

Print or mail the list with remarks to the parties involved. Would you like to allow your partners insight into the unchecked points online and in real time? That can be done too – your partners do not need an ArchiSnapper account for this.

Would you like to go one step further?

Allow your partners to give feedback about the remarks that were addressed to them. They can share when a certain problem was resolved according to them and add text and a picture. This way, everybody works from the same list of remarks and mountains of e-mails and telephone conversations can be eliminated.

ArchiSnapper increases the transparency and makes sure that the tasks and expectations are clear for everybody. ArchiSnapper truly helps you to divide and follow up the work better and easier.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Construction Company!

Try ArchiSnapper too. 30 days Free.

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See you soon,

The ArchiSnapper Team

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