Looking forward: new features coming up

Looking forward: new features coming up


We are constantly improving and fine-tuning ArchiSnapper, based on our users feedback (thanks for that, by the way!). In the coming months we will release quite some new features that will make the lives of our users easier. Here you find an overview with some of these new features:

1. Multiple layouts: with this feature it will be possible to use different report layouts for different projects. This means you can use different logo’s, company information, headers, and footers. You’ll be able to choose between a minimalistic template, a fancy template, a classic one, and so on. But also it will be possible to edit all the words (like titles and column headers) in the report. Want to use a certain report layout for your English speaking customers, and another one for your French speaking customers? No problem. Need different layouts for different company activities? No problem. The reports will be 100% flexible.

2. Import contacts from mobile/tablet: architects are often confronted with the problem of managing their contacts in several places. They have most contacts in their iPhone, but also in their email soft (e.g. Outlook) and often also in another software (e.g for project management, invoicing, etc.). Also in ArchiSnapper these contacts are managed. We will eliminate the double work by providing synchronization possibilities with mobile devices. This will save our users lots of time again!

3. Working with plans in ArchiSnapper. Often architects want to make indications on plans during site visits and insert these into the site reports. Today our users make a snapshot from a plan (on their mobile/tablet) and add this snapshot as picture in ArchiSnapper. Then they can use this picture to sketch on it. (Oh, if you don’t know how to make a snapshot on the iPhone or iPad: press the on/off button and the menu button at the same time. There you go). In a next release it will be possible to upload your PDF plans directly in your online account. During site visits these plans can be selected for making sketches on them. These sketched-up plans will then be inserted into the site report (like any other picture).

4. Extended sketching functionalities. Sketching on a white backround or a picture is already possible in ArchiSnapper. But we want to improve this functionality: improving the preciseness of sketching and adding more standard objects (like arrows, annotations, etc.)

Have suggestions for new features yourself? We take all feedback serious. Bring it on at support@archisnapper.com!

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