More Than Just an “App” For Your Next Punch List, Site Report or Snag List

More Than Just an “App” For Your Next Punch List, Site Report or Snag List

ArchiSnapper – our app to make field reports, snag lists and punch lists easy instead of boring – is a combination of online cloud software and a mobile/tablet app. Why? Why not just a mobile app? Because both components offer benefits that can be exploited.

Our online cloud software (accessible via with your account) is better for:

  • Importing, setting up and maintaining all your construction projects, contact persons and initial data to get started. If you have over 10 projects and more than 100 contact persons, we’re guessing that entering all that data on your mobile or tablet to get started is frustrating.
  • Reporting (we will soon add a “dashboard” to ArchiSnapper,  showing you some nice stats).
  • Editing long texts and formatting your report layout. Typically, we see that our users hastily collect data on the construction site with their iPhone, iPad or Android, and then sync with the online cloud account, and finally fine-tune the report from their desk (most of them with a cup of coffee). Writing out long descriptions and formatting them on your mobile/tablet is a great source of frustration. Doing that part online at your desk is much easier.
  • Centralizing all data and synchronizing across several devices. This allows teams to work together on the same set of data. Imagine you are 6 people working in the same company. You just set up your core data once (all the projects, contact persons, …) on ArchiSnapper, and from there everyone takes his/her mobile/tablet (whether it is an iPhone, iPad or Android) and syncs. The whole team can now work on the same set of data. You’ll see the reports of your colleagues, they’ll see yours. A typo? Adding new data? Do the change just once, and everyone will see the changes with their next sync.
  • Backing up all your data. Over time, you’ll have lots of PDFs, field reports, todo lists, pictures, sketches and so on. Your iPad/iPhone/Android can not back them up. What if you lose your tablet? Months of work are gone in a blink of an eye! You need a safe and online cloud backup! (If you never lost any data, I hear you thinking “oh yeah, well, I’m OK without” – but just ask people how they felt the day they lost one year’s worth of data and how much time and money it cost their business). Our cloud application ArchiSnapper is safely backing up all your data (reports, pictures, sketches, remarks, …) every single day. That way, we make sure to never lose any data. You just dropped your mobile/tablet into a swimming pool? Not cool…but at least you didn’t lose any data. All your data is in your ArchiSnapper cloud account. Your new mobile/tablet will sync with the same centralized set of data, and you can continue working without losing clients or missing important deadlines.

Let’s talk about the fancy part now. The iPhone/iPad/Android. This is of course what makes the difference for your next field report. Here is what a mobile/tablet can do BETTER than anything else:

  • It’s easy to carry with you, always, everywhere. Hint: For example on your next site inspection :-)
  • It replaces USB camera, computer, GPS, paper and pencil, and so much more.
  • It can sync over WiFi. How awesome is that! You take a picture, and just by pressing the “sync” button it appears in your next field report. You set up your cloud account on ArchiSnapper and by pressing “sync” all your data is downloaded on your mobile/tablet. Yay!
  • Its battery usually lasts longer. Easily for several days. The risk of not having access to your data always and everywhere is very small.
  • It holds a lot of data. Did you know that a typical mobile/tablet can easily hold 1,000,000 documents (plans, blue prints, lists, notes, pics, …)? You’d need a huuuuge car and probably staff to help you carry the same amount of printed documents with you :-)
  • You can draw and sketch on it. OK, admittedly sketches will never be as perfect as those drawn with  traditional pen and paper. But most of the time, do you really need to draw that much? On top of that, the sketch can be synced over WiFi, so it appears automatically in your next PDF. Forget about the following time consuming and frustrating flow: “sketch on paper > take a picture of it or scan it > open MS Word > connect your USB camera or scanner > import the picture > resize it“. And that for every single sketch! Owww… that must hurt your productivity.

We believe in the combination of ONLINE CLOUD SOFTWARE and a MOBILE/TABLET app. It’s the future in many professions. Doctors, veterinarians, architects, sales people and so many more businesses will save hours of time and administration in the future with this powerful combination.

What do you think?

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