New ArchiSnapper developments - september 2016

New ArchiSnapper developments – september 2016

Here’s an overview of the ArchiSnapper improvements we’ve released during september 2016:

Add observations and issues directly to drawings/PDF plans

archisnapper field report and punch list tool

Open a drawing from the ArchiSnapper App on your phone/tablet, and simply tap on it to add issues or observations. This is a common practice when creating punch lists (and going from room to room). Read more about how this works from here.

Sections on project level

ArchiSnapper sections


Define rooms or other ‘tags’ for your projects. You can then assign these to observations, so it becomes easier to track which observations belong to which rooms/sections. Read more about this from here.

Other small changes

  • Auto export a CSV with ArchiSnapper observations to your FTP server. You can set this up from here in your online ArchiSnapper account.
  • New Android version with UI improvements. These UI improvements will arrive in iOS very soon.
  • For iOS users: iOS 10 introduced some issues into ArchiSnapper (for example when taking photos). We’re working on a new version of the App to fix these issues. This version will arrive later this week or beginning of next week.
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