Pick Up More Leads for your Construction Company: 3 Tips You Can Build On

Pick Up More Leads for your Construction Company: 3 Tips You Can Build On

The construction sector is a busy site: many different companies demand the attention of the builder, but not every company is equally experienced in marketing. Well, dear marketer, that’s exactly why you have been hired. It is your job to build a brand and to ensure a constant stream of leads.

Construction companies can hardly go from door to door to push their building projects. They need to become a huge client magnet in order to attract the clients effortlessly.

We would like to assist with that by giving you 4 useful marketing tips that carry weight.

1. Make the clients work for you

This marketing technique is still tried and true: verbal advertisement still works the best. Take care of customer service, from the first acquaintance up to and including the final contact.

However, is there really ever a ‘final’ contact? It cannot hurt to stay in touch with your previous clients. Not necessarily because they want to build something again, but they may have family, friends and colleagues who have plans to (re)build.

Did you know that the average person moves 7 times in their lifetime? Every new phase in life means a new opportunity.

A building is more than just 4 walls and a roof. For your client it signifies a new home, or the worksite where they dream, live and experience. By focusing on the human being in your communication, a personal contact will be formed. By also using your own employees in your communication, you will increase that personal approach.

You can utilize your clients also in other ways:

  • work out a written interview that appears on your website or in a magazine;
  • showcase references on your website with impressive pictures;
  • use their construction site in your outdoor advertising;
  • give them useful promotional gifts such as ballpoints and note books that imprint the brand name time and again;
  • record a video interview to spread via your social media;
  • organize a joint reception in their new or reconstructed home for the benefit of the neighbors;
  • invite clients to an event and let them invite other people;
  • provide the customer journey, for instance by means of an evaluation conversation, an occasion where you ask them if they know of people who have concrete construction plans at this moment. You could refer to them when you send the potential new client a handy document with tips for the builder.

2. Set up integrated campaigns

An advertisement campaign on Facebook or in Google AdWords does not work. At least not by itself. Make sure you have an integrated campaign.

Advertisements by themselves are not a campaign, they are just channels. A marketing channel is nothing more than a way to lead visitors to a proposal that can be found on your website or on specific landing pages.

A good advertisement campaign consists of:

  • advertisements and advertisement groups
  • segmented content
  • landing pages with special offers
  • tracking
  • testing, analyzing, optimizing and improving

Some ideas to segment via online advertisements:

  • region: show some advertisements to people from a certain region. Insert the region into the advertisement (text). On the landing page there are only references from this region.
  • age group: both in the advertisement material and in the visuals on the landing page you use people from the same age category.

As soon as you have gained new leads, it is not only important to qualify and follow up on them quickly, but also to maintain them. It often happens that people are full of construction plans, but they do not realize them right away. Think of ways how you can involve them in a valuable way into your communication.

Marketing communication that inspires permanently:

  • pictures: before and after pictures always speak to the imagination, or picture material that shows the journey from concept to realization















  • guides, checklists, whitepapers: documents that help potential clients to make better decisions. Blog articles and e-books are a fantastic way to share this type of information and simultaneously exhibit your expertise.
  • a look behind the scenes: a human being is curious by nature. Place them in the front lines for the latest news or show them how something came about
  • realized projects: by not just showing what the end result is, but by also sharing information why certain choices were made, your communication becomes a lot more interesting, which also appeals to your prospects.
  • social platforms: by maintaining an active presence on Pinterest and Instagram. Also keep an eye on Houzz.

3. Stand Out

Construction companies usually are a dime a dozen. They all do the same thing. Don’t be afraid to make choices. Dare to profile yourself. Have the guts to distinguish yourself from others. Take on the challenge to work for a niche.

How much competition is there in the construction of biological pools? It takes courage to choose for a niche, but several companies prove that it is possible.

Whatever you do, make sure you have a striking and recognizable house style, so that your visual communication jumps out.

The arsenal of outdoor advertisement is nothing to spit at:

  • rolling material: cars, vans, trucks, carts, cranes, …
  • at the work site: site hut, site banners, site signage, …
  • advertisement panels, flags, signposts, …

Make the way in which you communicate stand out as well.


How do you collect leads for your construction company? Which marketing techniques do you use?

We are curious to know how you get it all done. Drop us a note at info@archisnapper.be.

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