Simple App for HVAC Installers to Save Time with Site Follow-up and Punch Lists.

Simple App for HVAC Installers to Save Time with Site Follow-up and Punch Lists.

Increase the efficiency of your projects thanks to a simple app.

Contrary to general contractors who coordinate a project from A to Z, HVAC contractors often have short-term projects. They form the link in the construction process of new construction, but they also take care of reconstruction and maintenance jobs that take just a few days.

Managing a project (large or small) is not easy: different partners, employees, unforeseen circumstances, and… administration! As an example: for every project (however small) you have to visit the site and you have to prepare a quotation.

A conversation with the client to sketch out the project that needs to be done often results in a note with measurements, sketches and texts that become hard to read for the calculation department. In the best-case scenario, the pictures are being transferred, using a USB cable to the PC and then moved to where they are visible for everybody. In many cases this happens too late (making the calculation department wait for the pictures) or simply does not happen at all and the pictures remain somewhere on a GSM or in a mailbox… Then, if you have to try and locate that one picture from a few weeks back, it will cost you a lot of time to find it again. If you work in a team and everybody has their own method of maintaining, mailing or saving the pictures in a file… that is a recipe to creating real chaos.

-> Result: We are not going to mince words; sooner or later this creates problems because of unclear or missing communication.

After approval of the quote and the materials have been ordered, a crew gets to work at the client’s site for the execution and installation. The crew documents the progress with pictures and checks a number of things. Whether there are more materials needed, or open checkpoints have to be executed, or extra works have to be planned in; all this is being noted. Often this still happens with pen and paper and everybody then maintains their own list of points to be executed or materials to be ordered (using Excel, Word, or by using a ‘map with papers’). All oversight is lost because of this and sooner or later you are confronted with miscommunication and mistakes. And what about when your most important project leader suddenly falls ill and all his projects have to be taken over by others?

-> Result: delay of projects, mistakes and dissatisfied clients.

Then, if there are complaints after the punch list, you end up in an unstructured mess of pictures, invoices and mails.

-> Result: difficult discussions and possibly even unpaid invoices …

ArchiSnapper is a simple and user-friendly app that does not require prior training. ArchiSnapper helps you in a simple way to immediately digitally register all information on your worksites – from the first contact with your client up to and including the punch list – for all of your projects:

  • make an overview of the works to be executed (for the calculation)
  • use the check lists during the execution and the punch lists
  • note remarks
  • add pictures right away
  • sketch on a white background, on a picture or on a floorplan

That is all possible. Even offline! After every project visit a report is generated automatically with the measurements, pictures, sketches, needed materials, etc. Your partners (project employees, subcontractors, team members, etc.) receive their tasks and other documents at the worksite or at the office.

Take a look at how HVAC companies use ArchiSnapper.

Site Follow-up and Punch list with the ArchiSnapper App

Follow up the execution

Follow the installation of your projects with ArchiSnapper. During the execution it comes in handy to immediately digitally register certain information with the associated pictures. Example: the points that have not been checked off (with a picture and an indication on the floorplan), or certain things that have to be done from the office (such as ordering extra materials). Do it on the site with ArchiSnapper and possibly use a checklist.

This way the pictures are placed immediately with the correct comment within the correct project, possibly with the person responsible for the execution of this point and an indication on the plan.

Share your report with your partners

With a number of clicks you will have a detailed site report. Your partners (project employees, subcontractors, team members, etc.) receive their tasks and other documents on the worksite or at the office.

Psst, did you know that with ArchiSnapper you can personalize the reports with the house style and logo of your own company?

Go down your checklist at the end of the project

A crucial moment for every project is the rounding off of the placement or installation, in other words, the punch list. In order to avoid possible disputes or ambiguity it is important to create a punch list report with pictures. Possibly you can have the client sign the report. For HVAC installations or maintenance, a checklist often comes in handy to check one more time if everything is okay, for instance:

Would you like to go a step further?

Measurements with the ArchiSnapper App

Create your checklist “Measurement”

Create your own checklist (template), which you can use to create an overview during your first visit with the client for the work that needs to be done: type of project, needed materials, important details for the placement, etc.

Use your checklist “Measurement HVAC” at the site of the client

Get to work with this checklist for measurement at the site of the client with the ArchiSnapper App. Then add the additional information and the pictures. For every item there are texts that you can input yourself. This way you avoid a lot of unnecessary typing. If you add a floorplan you can add annotations there. Also, other documents (estimate, specification, technical fiche, V&G plan, etc.) can be added and made available this way via the ArchiSnapper App on your phone or tablet.

ArchiSnapper increases the transparency and ensures that everything is clear for everybody. ArchiSnapper helps you to register, distribute and follow up on the work more easily.

Drive Your Business Towards Efficiency.
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