The Benefits of Using Social Media as an Architect

The Benefits of Using Social Media as an Architect

Social media is a wonderful thing. It’s made it possible to not only interact with people all over the world, but to use as a tool for your business. As an architect, you are personally big part of what makes up your brand so it’s important to portray yourself online using your unique voice.

If you’re not already using social media to gain more clients and establish yourself as an authority, then you need to start. Here are the main benefits of using social media as an architect.

Grow Your Business

Social media can help bring your entire business to the next level. From gaining new clients, to upping your credibility, increasing brand loyalty, and connecting with influencers, all of these things will allow you to grow your business.

This is especially vital when you’re first starting out as an architect and have little-to-no name established for yourself. Social media can help you build an online presence and launch you into a new phase both personally and professionally. And yes, it can even help you land more clients and make more money!

Don’t believe me? Well, according to architect William J. Martin he receives leads and inquiries for new clients all the time. “About half of my practice comes from internet-related activities such as Twitter, Facebook, and especially my website,” he says. That’s a huge portion of income and clients that come directly from having an online presence.

Attract New Clients

Every update you post on social media is an opportunity to convert new leads into paying projects. You’re using social media as a platform to showcase your ideas, your work, and even your personality.

You know that magic moment when you find out you have something totally random in common with another person? This happens all the time on social media and can be what sets you apart from another architect in your industry.

Show potential clients a behind-the-scenes look at your process, or post tidbits of wisdom, tips, or techniques you use as an architect. Everything you share gives a potential client the chance to react to your work and those reactions can lead to conversions down the road.

Studies have proven that when compared to outbound marketing strategies, social media efforts have a 100% higher closing rate. And 35% of marketers who use Twitter regularly generate news leads and sales via that platform alone.

Share Your Knowledge

You’ve learned a lot and as you continue to grow your business and take on more work, you’re learning new lessons every day. Share those lessons on social media! Help other architects who are just starting out, or answer client questions that come in. Yes, working for yourself is great, but it also has its drawbacks.

Explain how you deal with losing a client, or a proposal getting rejected. Share a book you’re reading or let your followers know how an idea helped you get past a roadblock. Share small daily things that you use to increase productivity or make your work more efficient. Fellow clients and followers love that kind of stuff!

Sharing what you know is also a sign of goodwill, since you’re not holding onto your trade secrets. If you create a trustworthy online persona, clients will automatically view you as trustworthy, and that’s priceless. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge so you can establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field.

Lower Marketing Costs

Growing a business means you have to market yourself. There’s no way around it. If people don’t know about you and the services you offer, they won’t be able to hire you. But marketing can get very expensive if you’re not careful.

Thanks to social media, though, you have access to thousands and thousands of people online everyday, for free. Even if you use paid advertising through Twitter and Facebook, it’s relatively cheap when compared to traditional outlets like radio ads or TV commercials.

Start small with just an hour or so a day on social media, then grow your efforts over time as you connect with more people. Test out using targeted ads and stick to a small budget. You’ll begin to learn where the best potential clients hang out so you can go to where they are. It may take a little bit of effort but social media allows you to cut way back on marketing costs.

Connect with Influencers

Working with other influencers in the construction and architectural space is a great way to grow your own influence too. Once you get the momentum going, you no longer have to spend the majority of your time reaching out to clients as they will seek you out and start pitching their ideas of working together.

One influencer can open several doors and connect you to other experts, then that expert will connect you to other people and before you know it you’ve created a group of contacts that allows you to land important jobs, be recommended for big projects, and even get you into national press.

One of the best places to connect with other influencers is on Twitter. The conversations are in real-time and users expect their followers to interact with them. Plus your followers will see you chatting it up with another expert and automatically view you on that level.

Social Media Marketing for Architects

These are just a few of the benefits architects can use to build credibility, connect with clients, and grow their business. With a little bit of time, and a lot of patience, you can create a reputation for yourself and create a platform that brings in quality leads on a regular basis.

People want to connect with people, so remember that when you’re interacting on social media. You can use these platforms to take your business to the next level, and watch as new leads start rolling in.

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