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The Simple Archireport Alternative

Hi there.

Not sure which is better for your – ArchiSnapper or Archireport?

We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you.

Below, you’ll find information to help you compare ArchiSnapper and Archireport. We hope this helps…

1. ArchiSnapper is simpler to use

Tired of having to struggle your way through clunky and complex user guides, trainings, dashboards, and all sorts of features you never use?

With ArchiSnapper, you won’t have to.

ArchiSnapper operates simply enough that you can get to work within less than 15 minutes and your co-workers will also be able to get started with it quickly.

We are a group of pragmatic and no-nonsense people and we like simplicity. Adding more features doesn’t make your life easier if you don’t use them. In fact, all that extraneous information can make an app feel clunky and intimidating.

ArchiSnapper was built for small teams that want to save time with their field reports and punch lists. That’s why we built only the most important time-saving features, and stripped out the more complicated edge-case features. Our users appreciate that we focus on nailing field reports and punch lists, and we don’t try to cover the entire construction administration process (like many other apps).

How ArchiSnapper works?

Very simple: In the field, document items with text, photos, annotations, assignees, location pointers, and more. The reports are generated automatically, ready for distribution. Or, if you want you can still review and edit them from your online account.

ArchiSnapper - The app that frees architects from the hassle with field reports and punch lists

Take it from our users:
“Very easy to use, extremely intuitive. We’ve saved hours of time time, which is money, in streamlining our punch list during and post-construction.” John A. Bergersen – Spring Contracting Group

“Ease of use. – 5 Star!!! I go to the field, Open the App on my iPad, Select a project, Create a new report, Capture relevant pictures, Input notes and observations, Get back to Office, Refine as necessary, Email report.” – Patrick P.

2. ArchiSnapper is available for iOS and Android

About 75% or more of all devices worldwide run on Android.

ArchiSnapper works seamlessly on all these phones and tablets. Archireport doesn’t.

Already invested in Android devices?  You think these iPhones and iPad are getting an itsy-bitsy too expensive? It’s your opinion that the newest generation Samsung or Huawei phones and tablets offer top quality at a more reasonable price?

=> No problem for us, you can start using our Android app and get going right away. No need for additional investments in expensive high-end Apple devices.

ArchiSnapper vs ArchiReport - ArchiSnapper is available for iOS and Android - in PlayStore and Apple Store

3. ArchiSnapper is here to help

We’re committed to making sure that you have the best experience you possibly can using ArchiSnapper.

That’s why our customer success team checks in with every single customer to proactively answer any questions you may have.

We’re here for you with personal support, all day, every day, no matter what you need.

“I love the product. I use it for every site visit. And the customer support is amazing. Within minutes of reporting an issue today, I was chatting with a developer who addressed the issue immediately and agreed to look into future options to address it further. I know they will stick to their word as this is not the first time I’ve made comments which have quickly made it into the app.” – Jim Hill – Urban Pioneering

4. What makes Archisnapper powerful

Cloning reports

Almost all architects that use ArchiSnapper (and there are thousands of them) start from the previous report when they make a new one, and then take it from there: add new items, edit existing items, remove solved items. With ArchiSnapper we have embedded this workflow smoothly.

Beautiful and professional PDF reports

Another thing that architects value highly is how our layout settings make it possible to generate beautiful, customized, and branded PDF reports. Check out this sample field report for example. Our reports radiate professionalism and will impress your clients.

“Have tried many other apps similar to ArchiSnapper and this one is by far the best. Simple interface for defect reporting and a very professional final report. Had many clients ask what we used for our reports.” – Chris H

Beautiful PDF reports of your site visits with ArchiSnapper

Powerful checklists

Almost all safety professionals use a checklist: ArchiSnapper has a very, very powerful checklist functionality. You can predefine a template of standard items to review. You can even predefine a dropdown of possible standard answers for every item in the checklist.

ArchiSnapper vs ArchiReport - easy inspections with checklists in ArchiSnapper

Effective collaboration with contractors

Construction business is a task-driven business and ArchiSnapper makes sure that people know precisely what they need to do. You can filter and share items so everyone has a clear view of pending items (together with photos, location pointers, and other details) and can start working on them.

ArchiSnapper good for construction collaboration - share items and give feedback with text and photos

Smooth integrations

Already using one of these project management software? Great! In less than a minute, sync your projects, contacts, and floor plans — and then get started.

ArchiSnapper integrates with core synergy teamleader sharepoint bouwsoft astena chapoo archisoft vario robaws and more

Are you ready to cut out the busywork?

Start using ArchiSnapper with our 14-day free trial →

If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help. Send us a quick email at support at archisnapper dot com.

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