11 Ways Architects and Engineers can Get the Most out of their Android Phone or Tablet

Two Other Mobile and Tablet Examples That Show the Trend to Working Smarter, Not Harder

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Professionals all over the world are continuously looking for ways to work more efficiently within their workdays. If they do not have to work “on” their business as much, then they can work “in” their business, therefore being more productive and devoting more hours to money-making tasks, rather than on tedious (but necessary) administration-type responsibilities. These days a 6 or 7-day work week has almost become a way of life as everyone fights to leave their work at the workplace at the end of each day.

One upcoming trend pros have latched onto recently to shorten their work hours and manage their time better is web-based software. Often when they are out in the field, an app is used to gather relevant data, stored online in their own personal “cloud” and then is easily accessible to all team members by way of a secure online website. This gives teams all over the world an efficient way to create and share job tasks. It is now easier to keep track of all project info in one place, reduce re-doing administrative type duties and the need to update software as well as allows everyone to remain on the same page, 24/7. Everything is automatically organized! In a day and age where more people are multi-tasking with their smart-phone or tablet, this only makes perfect sense.

ArchiSnapper, a solution for architects who value their time, uses this formula to create an easy to use, safe and reliable way for architectural firms to collect data out in the field on job sites, share ideas, record meeting attendees, assign to-do lists and essentially create site reports for their clients on the road. If anything needs tweaking before the report is sent out to a customer, the option to edit it in the office is at their fingertips. The only requirement is an internet connection to access the cloud. Simply create an account in minutes (the first 30 days is free!) at https://archisnapper.com then download the app and use your smartphone or tablet to accumulate relevant project information while onsite. No need to install anything or worry about software versions. The data is safe and accessible to other team members, any time and at any place in the world.

Several other occupations are now following this trend and using web-based software along with applications to increase their productivity. This solution is remarkably helpful to sales people as they have presentations, contact data, sales catalogues and other valuable features right at their fingertips, thus increasing their sales and saving enormous amounts of time. One example of this is ShowPad (http://www.showpad.com). The same principle as ArchiSnapper! All data (products, descriptions, prices, contact info, etc…) is created and uploaded to a secure online server and then everything in the cloud is synched in real time to different devices that the sales team takes out into the field with them.

Another similar example is a software development company in Belgium, Little Miss Robot, (http://www.LittleMissRobot.com) who has launched an application for journalists out in the field to gather content, pictures, data and other relevant news items, send it to a centralized server where it is accessible instantaneously and easy to find in one place for other members of the journalism team back in the office. This saves hours of time each and every week!

So you see, in today’s time, when the amount of information and communication is launching at us from all different directions it is truly important to streamline methods of getting the job done. Just because you are at your job does not mean you are getting the work completed in the least amount of time possible with the least amount of headaches. It takes time to go back and forth from your inbox to your flash drive to the notes and pictures on your smart phone! Also, between time zone differences, face-to-face meetings and endless emails, what your Dad told you long ago about “working harder” no longer applies. These days it is all about working smarter, not harder! Get the tools you need to save time and money. Don’t work after hours just to keep up. ArchiSnapper was not born by accident in this era. ArchiSnapper was born because of a world-wide trend where mobiles and tablets are used more and more to capture information outside of the office and then send it over the internet to a central application.

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